Friday, 9 September 2011

the phantom unpacker

A rather weird picture of Jethro.
We have had more boxes arrive, it really is a bit like Xmas around here at the moment (although it's not all Xmas stuff that's being delivered). Nothing beats parcels turning up on your doorstep and our shop postmen are both lovely and conscientious, that's saying something for Australia Post contractors, we can always tell when they go on holiday. Jethro actually 'stole' one of these hearts out of one of the boxes this morning, very delicately and carefully, it was a joy to watch.
Today's haul, apart from Xmas decorations that aren't going out yet, include a new batch of Kelly's Op Shop Guides and a box full of stuffed budgies. On the bird front we also have a stash of feathered friends in the cupboard that I haven't had a chance to put out yet but we are thinking of a Royal Melbourne Show window so hopefully I will get a moment to prepare for it in the next week.
On the email front I am slowly getting there but I keep getting side tracked by cups of tea and slight migraine-y headaches. There was a few days there at the end of the 'holiday' where the black bags under my eyes disappeared but sadly they are back with a vengeance.

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  1. Love that picture Pen - reminds me of the cottage in Sense and Sensibility. I also want you to know that I want to go to Tasmania because I fancy a doily hunt and I would like to smuggle a Tasmanian Devil back to the lane.

    Sarah x


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