Monday, 19 September 2011

my spirit (level) guide

I had an intense relationship with my spirit level yesterday. Yes sadly I am the type of girl with a spirit level. I had decided that Sunday was 'Install Shelves in the Stock Cupboards Day'. We've been fighting major space issues for the last month (and three years) and I had to do something about shelves otherwise we were all going to go mad..... of course this is going to be a very short lived solution I am sure, I've probably made them all the wrong depth, height, etc but they are rather enjoyable at the moment.

Jethro asking if this shelf makes his bum look big.

And overseeing the project from the top of the divider walls.

So now we have a special shelf for all the boxes of gloves (greengrocer produce boxes, looking a little worse for wear, need to acquire some more) and a shelf for the clock boxes.

We even have a special shelf for the tissue paper reams, now that's exciting. This photo was taken halfway through the re-sorting so things were a little messy. In the afternoon there was boxes and crap strewn from one end of the shop to the other and people were trying to get in even though they could see that I was standing there drill in hand. One couple tried three times to get the door open...... and that was even after they read the opening times on the slate in the window between try #2 and try #3.....
There is a pile of big plastic bags full of stuff that needs to go to the studio and a set of Ikea Gorm(less) shelves that I will have to strap to the top of the car. I'm so tired and sore I am not sure how I will get them up the studio stairs but as they are blocking the shop door I really need to shift them. I had toyed with the idea of leaving them in the street but really I could do with another set to pile crap on. To tell you the truth the studio is so disgustingly messy I am not sure how I will fit them in. Domino effect.
And once I have unloaded the car I still have another couple of loads to take up to the studio. I think it might possibly be turning into my Dorian Grey attic. I also think if I could be bothered I should take a stall at Camberwell Market (bletch!).

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  1. We have 3 spirit levels, I like the small red plastic one that once belonged to Uncle Jim. Mr.Lane, on the other hand prefers his large old school wooden one. (Quite literally Old School actually as he nicked it from his woodwork studio at his old school! Oh and then ther's this mustard coloured one, not disimilar to yours....Hmm must get out more,

    Sarah x

    ps re prize package, will get Penny to call in xXx


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