Wednesday, 14 September 2011

best of breed

I'm getting bits and pieces done, here and there, little by little, in between squinting through blinding migraine-y headaches. I had to lie down this afternoon in my bedroom after an attack that felt like I was being hit around the side of my head with a cricket bat. Perhaps I am allergic to Melbourne.
I finished the first batch of these 'Best of Breed' cushions yesterday. They aren't even in the Cottage yet and the 'Tasmanian Ladies Kennel Club' has already been snaffled. Hopefully I'll get a few more done for our new window display, I just need to pick up a few more props and it will be ready to be swapped over.

I stayed up late last night finishing new bracelets, our lovely fabric covered ones in lovely Liberty prints and a few vintage vintage lawns, they have been one of those procrastination jobs sitting next to couch taunting me. I'm also working on some new 'gingerbread hearts' in our lovely embroidered tablecloths but also a run in vintage patchwork, I need to make up a big bucket of our spice pot pourri.


  1. oh dear Miss Pen Pen... those headaches sound miserable... I experienced a viral headache this winter which was what I imagine a migraine might be like - just awful!

  2. Sorry to hear your head has the ouches. The cushions are fab by the way. Feel better soon


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