Monday, 26 September 2011

beached and bleached

No reason for the post title, I was just searching out a photo to use this morning and thought these two went together in some way. The top one is from Mersey Bluff foreshore and the one below from the roadside in the Central Highlands, holiday snaps you know.
A sort of lazy day yesterday. I had the drill out for the second Sunday in a row, hammer drilling into the bricks out the back to put up wires for the Azores Jasmine (finally), and I did a bit of 'gardening' (a very loose term there when the 'garden' is all of less than a metre square and exists in two planter boxes). I managed to vacuum up the brick dust on the decking but didn't manage to vacuum anywhere inside. I did bake the choc chip biscuits that were languishing in the lower depths of the fridge though, priorities you know!
I seem to be faffing the morning away but I need to get off to the studio as I have a fabric agent dropping in and the place is a mess and a half. No time to really clean it but a wash of the dishes and clearing the end of the cutting table might be in order. 

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