Tuesday, 27 September 2011

mouse plague

A bag arrived in the mail yesterday. The flap had been prised open slightly. Perhaps they were trying to escape. Marnie's Mouse Army has landed!
They are being lead to World Domination by Slutty Mouse, she's down in the right hand corner slightly out of focus. 'Slutty Mouse' because her skirt is a bit short and we regularly find her flopped down, half propped up drunkenly  on the counter with her legs akimbo and her dress up around her tummy. She's a misunderstood troublemaker, she just needs a good home and someone to care for her.

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  1. Hello my love. How are you? I'm back at long last - oh boy it's been a bloody long while! On Google Reader I don't get the photos on your blog so I'm over here now and going to start reading through with a cuppa. Nice to be back. I'm looking forward to reading what you've been up to. xx


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