Friday, 9 September 2011

silver grey day

It's Friday now I haven't quite worked my way through all my emails and computer chores. I'm going to see if I can be a bit focused today and get all of it done. It's raining outside and there has even been a few bouts of hail so generally perfect bunker-down weather.
I'm drinking tea and eating creamed honey on toast. I just had to buy a tub of creamed honey at the CWA shop in Hobart, it made me all nostalgic and I had vivid memories of going to the pantry as a kid and getting out the little tub of Barnes Creamed Honey. It tastes different than ordinary honey I swear and Dell says air makes all the difference (think meringues, marshmallow, sponge cakes, chocolate mousse....) and, I suppose, it is the air in Tasmania that sends me back down there for a 'holiday' every year so she must be right.

We are still surrounded by boxes and piles of stuff here and I am feeling even more hemmed in than usual after having stayed in hotel rooms for two week. I really really need to pick up all the clothes off the bedroom floor, pack away shoes and have a damn good vacuum. I have a dreadful ability to edit out my environment and ignore piles of crap for months, stepping over, walking around, pushing it aside as I need to. I'd love my desk to be twice the size it is but that would just allow room for an Everest of detritus to mount up, an incoming tide of paperwork flotsam and jetsam.

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