Tuesday, 20 September 2011


I forgot to tell you about last Friday's haul.
I had one of those strange Op Shop incidents where you really start to think there might be an Op Shop deity, a secondhand spirit. Last time this same thing happened was up in Healesville on the Tarrawarra day out.
So on Friday I was out north picking up some stuff and I thought while I was out there that maybe I should pop into the Mill Park Savers (you might remember the MPS opening). I was wondering around down the back, nothing much of interest when I got a queasy feeling in my tummy and a single word popped into my head.... 'treasure!'. I thought 'oh really?! that's ridiculous' but I turned and headed back down to the front of the store. Near the cash registers there is a wall of framed 'art works' (I use that term very loosely) and as I walked along I snaffled one, no two, no three, four, five, six, seven framed tapestries. Treasure indeed!
Three of them are of them are of the huge plastic moulded framed variety but oh so very fabulous! Deers in forest settings, Italian peasants at a well, a bit of French rococco and the ubiquitous McCubbin bush reproduction. Other shoppers were giving me very funny looks and muttering to each other.
I really  have built up a bit of a stash and need to start making up some new tapestry pouff├ęs but there is a great deal of de-framing that needs to happen first.
So many thanks Op Shop Deity, when you come through you really go the whole hog.


  1. whoa, you were seriously channelling there Ms P...

  2. Go with the gut I say! I think it's called op-tuition! Good score, well done.


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