Thursday, 17 February 2011


I had to go out to pick up some fabric from the wholesaler in Thomastown this morning and as a bit of fun I thought I'd go to the Grand Opening of the new Saver's store at Mill Park. It was going off! I was more than amused to hear, in amongst the racks, two women discussing that it was 'the biggest thing that has ever happened in Mill Park' and how it would energise the whole suburb. A thrift driven economic recovery- politicians take note!
If I could have been bothered I probably could have scored big but I just opted for a bundle of tapestries and 18 books from Time Life The Good Cook series. I don't seem to be following Library Girl's good recipe book culling but almost half of them went in Dell's direction. I still have some duplicates though- like the cake edition- that might be kept in reserve as presents or swapsies.
I'm still not working up to scratch but I'll get there.
I hope.
Thanks to everyone who sent me messages about the last post. Living is sometimes just about trying to keep a balance happening, in my case it's about trying to keep pain levels at a tolerable level so that I can carry on living the everyday. I think it is what we all do, each of us have our own balancing game to play, but it is nice to know that there are others out there teetering away too.


  1. Mill Park going off - love it!
    I'll have to go there now...
    They'll be getting all fancy with "edgy" coffee shops and hipsters will move in to be close to Savers...

  2. Ah Pen,
    you're always ahead of the game and right where the action is...
    congrats on your mini-haul and here's hoping the damn humidity dies down by the end of the week so we can all get some sleep and start feeling like people again instead of damp towels.


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