Thursday, 3 February 2011

some days are diamond days

Yesterday was a strange old day. Too many cushions to make, too many zips to sew in. I started to think that one day I would end up in The Sewing Circle of Hell (I'm thinking it's situated on a mezzanine between the Fourth and Fifth Circles) as punishment for all the bad things I have ever done.
Today though I got to visit my friends Ben and Shelley at their (not so) new screen printing factory. I'm very proud of Ben and all he has achieved over the last six years or so and it is lovely to feel that glow of pride in a friend's hard work.
After Spotswood I ventured to Footscray to look for something and I got to smell the joss sticks burning at the temples and watch the lions dance to the pounding drums and the firecrackers sizzle to welcome in the Chinese New Year. I was smiling and shaking for at least five minutes after the fireworks went off and I loved how as the troop moved off to bless the next shop a team swept up all the tiny bits of red paper.
Then it was all the way over to the fringes of the city in the other direction to pick up this year's first batch of gloves. This season's dyeing will start shortly but this weekend I must finish cleaning and sorting the kitchen and the hallway otherwise there will be nowhere to put all the boxes of gloves.

In light of everything that has been happening up north it feels a little wrong to say I had a good day but perhaps it's those big scary events that make you smile at the smallest glitter from the tiniest diamond and make you realise how special your own everyday humdrum life is.

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