Saturday, 5 February 2011

droughts and flooding rains

What can I say? It never rains but it pours perhaps?
This is certainly going to go down as 'that crazy summer', from droughts to flooding rains.
As I have moaned about so often, I hate humidity and humidity hates me. I felt so ill and grouchy from it I ended up passed out on my bed yesterday afternoon. It can make me feel physically sick, hence I'm not a great one for tropical holidays, I'm all for a cooling breeze.
Jethro was so bored at 6am as he couldn't go play outside because the rain was too heavy, so after climbing in the wardrobe, jumping on the bed, jumping on me, he ended up on the bedside table pushing things off. He got tossed across the bed and finally went back to sleep. He's such a twit.
I'm obsessed with checking the Pocket Weather app on my phone, looking at radar images of clouds, finding out the humidity is sitting at 97%, there has been 82.2mm of rain up to 8am and that there is a Brown Rot Warning for stone fruit (sigh, there goes the last of the peaches, apricots and plums). I wouldn't be a farmer for quids.
It's Saturday again so you know where to find me, that will be me sitting behind the counter reading the newspaper. I've been very slack posting shop news over the last few weeks (I've also been slack with the window displays too). We have the Tasmanian CWA cookbook back in stock after it sold out at Xmas, pop over to the wonderful Library Girl to read her posts about culling her recipe books- the CWA gets to stay! Monday was gingerbread hearts, we had heaps but now we only have about ten, I was meant to finish another new batch last night but went out and had dinner instead. Tuesday was Lettie. Wednesday was the Sewing Circle of Hell where I finished another massive batch of tea-towel cushions and the pianola lampshades finally arrived and Thursday was on-the-road day picking up labels and gloves ready for a huge dyeing binge. There are more sandals on the way, there is butcher's twine about to arrive and Zara has mailed a new batch of Frida dresses and blouses (which I hoped would have arrived yesterday....... but no..... thank you Australia Post, I've decided this week you suck, except for our parcel mailman who is lovely). So do pop in today if you are in the hood, there is a bucket to put your umberellalallas in and remember, unless you are a witch or you like to straighten your hair, getting a bit wet won't hurt you.

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  1. Oh Pen, I would love to drop in but we are almost flooded in in Burwood... well slight exageration but boy oh boy, lots of roads closed out in the Eastern Subs. Hope the humidity clears soon, I too HATE it!


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