Sunday, 13 February 2011


This afternoon I took down the old shelves in the kitchen and put up a new set. I've replaced three shelves with two but they are longer, wider and don't have a dangerous lean that makes them threaten to fall off the wall (yet). The kitchen is now even more of a mess and I have realised that I still have a crockery problem.
It appears I collect the following
*Johnson Ware
*1950s two tone casseroles
*Chinese thermoses
*a strange collection of decorative ceramics
*truckloads of enamelware.
Far more than a single girl living alone could possibly use/justify, in fact it all makes me feel a little ill.
I can be quite nostalgic over objects but I think I am heading towards one of my Great Culls, there is just not enough room in this place and next to no storage.
I think I will have to stay home tomorrow and finish this sorting and cleaning. I need to start dyeing gloves and that can not happen until the kitchen is in an organised state. If I leave it another week I will surely have to be locked up like Mad Bertha in the attic.


  1. oh we are psychic sisters. have just been reading about the inspiration for Mad Bertha... and all about the Brontes. DEPRESSING!!

  2. Ah the "Great Cull" yes it is time isn't it!
    Oh no I can't bear to start and then when I do I become the hatchett weilding madwomen and cull too much and have to rush back to the charity shop to but things back!
    Sad reallY!

    Sarah x

  3. don't worry Pen. No housework in the attic ;)

  4. You busy bee! I love a good cull, very liberating. Can't wait to see the colours for this years gloves. Rx

  5. Taking an afternoon blog reading pause this very moment. We're putting up bookshelves. They will look great. Once they are up, that is. Feeling dispirited by the process and keen to get to the fun BIG arrange.


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