Wednesday, 23 February 2011

another shade of blue

I'm still blue.
And annoyed with myself for feeling so frustrated.
I've been working on a new project for the last three days and now I'm thinking it might have to be scrapped or at least reworked. Is it worth the time already spent?
I'm particularly annoyed with myself as I managed yesterday to soak a very expensive piece of fabric in the wrong soaking mix and it is now ruined (note to self: make sure you are awake before doing the laundry).  See- annoyed, annoying, annoymous.
Whilst I was in the studio today I stopped each hour and spent 5 minutes doing a little cleaning or sorting, I just can't manage to get things in order in one big hit so I am trying to break it down a little.
As a strange mixture of punishment and reward I decided late this afternoon that I needed to get the new table for the shop finally sanded. My dear antique dealer friend lent me the lovely Wiener Werkstatte table we use now and it was meant to be on loan for a year. Well it's been a bit longer than that. The new old table has been sitting in the studio for about 4 months now, taking up room and making things crowded. I dragged the top out into the hallway and around to the slightly putrid sink/bin area and pulled out the sander. I made a huge noisy mess but it's all done now and ready to be waxed and polished. I have another old table up in the studio that needs a bit of TLC and then it will be time for the big ol' switcheroo. Of course the sanding didn't take that long all in all and I am slightly kicking myself about procrastinating. Always the way.
I think my low vibe could also be put down to a lot of waiting that I having to do at the moment, things that are making me slightly unsettled. Things like the new tables for the shop and that I need to re-jig shop displays- and that we are getting a new front window. I'm sad that we will be losing the lovely lattice windows but I am happy that we will be getting windows that don't leak and aren't rotten. The new windows will also hopefully make doing displays a little easier.
Autumn is a week away, I have lots of work to do.


  1. ah pen, bravo on the sanding effort. I've been putting off the assualt on Agent Orange (aka my dining table) but you have inspired me. yet again.
    xx Char.

  2. Sorry to hear you are flat stanley but well done on the sanding. If I was a better person Id do my outdoor tables but I am highly unmotivated!


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