Saturday, 19 February 2011

balmy morning

Walking down to the bakery this morning I was blown away by the green green grass, the sparkly leaves and shiny sun. The humidity might be killing me but it's giving the formerly-known-as the Garden State a real burst of fecundity. The breeze was the amazing mix of cooling and balmy and I had a moment in thinking I could quite happily lie down and let it gently blow over me (well maybe not on Gertrude Street outside the Housing Commission flats but in my dream garden perhaps).
It's been a quiet week in the Cottage, we are putting it down to a mixture of the weather, school's back  and maybe the Xmas credit card bills have arrived, perhaps my general malaise hasn't helped either.
But we have had stock arrive! The twine is back in, the Hookturn cups too and best of all the Douglas sandal order arrived yesterday. Anna and I spent the last bit of yesterday bagging the sandals up in the shoe-bags I made in the morning and stacking them on the shelves. We've got all colours and sizes 3 (euro 37) up to size 7 (42) so hurry on in!
I've just slugged back on my first tea of the day and am now sweaty and hot from the inside out. Charming.

I don't know why it is but every Saturday when  I am pressed for time I can never access my emails. Invariably I've emailed a photo to my self from my phone and I want to use it but no, thank you TPG you have decided to once again block all in-coming messages.... just as I finished putting the full stop to this little rant my emails came through.... perhaps TPG were listening..... OK now I'm creeped out....

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  1. Humid? I wish, it is so so wet and cool here I can't seem to get warm during the day. At night I put so many layers on I end up too hot!!!
    Marvelous temperate climate!

    Off to see Mr.Firth in the Kings Speech tonight, feel as though I have already seen it as it has been slavishly plugged everywhere and anywhere!

    Sarah x

    ps is the emerald grass where the Russian dolls are?


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