Sunday, 20 February 2011

the mongrel hordes

I think I've made some headway with the kitchen clean and sort. It's certainly not finished but I managed to drag everything out from under the stairs (Jethro went into check it out and ended up lying on the floor with his paw up to his shoulder poked through a hole in the floor, he was incredibly excited by the possibility of mouse), packed boxes full of odd crockery, glass and knick-knackery, shoved and stacked it and shut the door on it.
I unpacked and cleaned all the kitchen cupboards and stood amazed at the sheer amount of plate-age I own. Tottering towers of Johnson Bros (Australian and English) ware, Meakin, Villeroy and Boch, Royal Staffordshire, Franscican, Majolica, Diana, Poole..... it goes on and on and on..... a crazy mix of pretty crockery..... tons of the damn stuff.....
The ridiculous thing is I only really use a mug, a bowl and maybe a plate (more often than not one of my massive enamel haul) every day.
The problem is if I sell it all I'll either regret it or end up starting a new collection.
And on it goes.


  1. I was at the NGV yesterday looking at some beautiful Staffordshire plates and I thought of you and your stash!

  2. You could have a stall at Camberwell market. Smirk.

  3. For good cooks the crockery stash is inevitable, and yours completely covetable. Of course you can't cull.. what with the baking, picnicing, bring a plating and tea-partying you are required to engage in you need as many options as possible!


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