Friday, 11 February 2011

welcome to the snow dome

Well the humidity just swelled, and my brain turned to mush, but I battled through and managed to get two tapestry pouffés finished and a few more cushions done. Jethro, of coursed, oversaw the stuffing of the pouffés which meant we had beanbag balls from here to kingdom come. He loved that if he sat by the fan every few minutes a ball would get sucked up and spat across the room and if he ran through a drift his fur would send them flying everywhere. At times like this his Kitten Percentage is very high. And yes the shop started to feel like a snow dome.
We also put up a bit of a Valentine's Day (bah humbug)  window but it is mainly to show off our lovely new Mexican and Guatemalan blouses. Zara dropped in with a batch of embroidered voile tops that we couldn't say no to. They are like the white and honey cotton ones but in colour and on lovely soft white cotton voile- so very pretty- and we also have a few long sleeve shirts/mini dresses in the Sophie style (that's the Guatemalan calico range). And there is some more Frida dresses in black and tops in cream calico and new embroidered shift blouses too.......  this is the last batch until next summer so hotfoot it in. 
Other shop news.....
*more sandals in next week!
*more twine on its way (should have been here days ago....)!
*more Hookturn cups coming!
*new pegbags ready!
*and some secret things you'll just have to wait for.........

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