Tuesday, 8 February 2011

zigging and zagging

When I'm not making product during the week I feel like I am wasting time. There is so much to do, all the other things to running a business, a shop, a studio, boring things like sorting and cleaning and packing stuff away. Sometimes it's exciting and sometimes I feel like a char-lady. As the studio is still a mess I've been trying to get a bit more order happening, I've put together the new work bench trestles and I've been opening bags to discover vintage fabrics and piles of doilies that have been stashed away and, slightly, forgotten.
Late this afternoon I had a little play with some new stock for Autumn. Jumping into new work when I have piles of other stuff to do is a bit naughty but sometimes I do it as a treat, a way to get the excitement back- and there is some exciting stuff happening. Well I like it anyway, just have to see whether the customer does when the leaves turn and the weather really changes. It's always a bit nerve wracking to take the scissors to a special stash.... fingers crossed!

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