Sunday, 6 February 2011


Jethro and I were made for this weather, for sleeping under blankets and waking fresh and rested, so nice to have a cool fresh change after all the humidity. The furboy woke me at 7am jumping all over the bed, he was doing crazy cat circle-work round and round the blanket, and brought me toys to play with. He's had his crazy-cat mood on all day running through tissue paper, attacking me while I read the paper.
I've managed to do a half-arsed window display and a bit of cleaning, like just washed the dishes and put a load of washing on, nothing too strenuous. Before I start dyeing gloves I really need to get the kitchen sorted but that is going to mean packing up a whole shebang of stuff, for which I need to get some cardboard boxes. This bit of sorting will cause a whole waterfall of sorting in the house I fear and won't be one of those jobs that can be fixed in a day..... I haven't got my head around that quite yet.
Perhaps it's time for a little afternoon nappage.


  1. I'm with you Pene on this weather issue-today has been divine-cool,fresh, and NOT A DROP OF SWEAT!!!!!! aaaaaahhhhh.


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