Saturday, 26 February 2011

i ♡ painkillers

Thought you might be sick of my whinge-ing and whining (and I had little to report) so I stayed away for a few days. I discovered yesterday afternoon that the stronger painkillers actually made me productive and cleared the pain induced fog in my head so I am feeling a little clearer and a bit more focused and productive. I am starting to see the path through the trees a little more.
I was at the studio early(ish) yesterday for a stylist's assistant to come pick up new autumn/winter stock for a photo shoot, I sanded down the other new/old shop table (still need to paint base) and  I made new cushions for the shop. We have very pretty new floral linen ones, a Sanderson print with the most beautiful mauve-y background, the colour makes me happy and the design is so sketchy and nice.

I also made a pair of cushions out of a piece of fabric I've been lugging around for years. It's a thick printed velvet in a kitschy alpine/flying duck/mill by the forest print. They are quite fab and need to go on a couch in a fake wood paneled room with an alpine/flying duck/mill by the forest print on the wall (and maybe a couple of crossed fake blunderbuss/pistols above the woodgrained box  tv). They are backed in denim and are quite cuddly- bit like me sometimes.

It's Saturday again, amazing. I have a lot to do this weekend, I'm a month behind in my glove dyeing and I really need to get as much done tomorrow as I can. Perhaps if I start seeing gloves fluffily piling up I will start to feel more productive. Cause and effect.

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