Tuesday, 6 September 2011


I've been keeping this one under the sombrero for the last 5 months..... finally I can unveil our fabulous Cambridge Satchel Company satchels!

It has involved a hell of a lot of back and forth and proving we were worthy of stocking these beauties and then the very long wait for the first batch to arrive. Cambridge Satchel Co has received a mass of press overseas and they have been swamped with orders so they have had a bit of a struggle getting these orders together. The wait has been killing me! So while I was off on holiday I had to stay up late waiting on emails and sorting out all the rigmarole that accompanies getting things shipped in from overseas.

About midday today two big boxes arrived. 
We've only received half of our order and we have more arriving (some time soon we hope.... and more later too.... we really really hope....) and we sold a quarter of them today..... so if you want to get yourself a satchel you better hotfoot it in!
I popped three fluoro ones in the window and a lovely lady driving by almost had a car accident when she spied them and did a U-turn. Lucky she didn't have a prang and she scored the lovely 15" fluoro pink one.


I have to apologise if this post makes no sense as I have been up since 5.30am and it has been one huge day.
We've been unpacking and selling satchels, unloading the car, sorting and washing, tripping over boxes in the kitchen, boiling the kettle dry, putting the rubbish out and catching up on all the things that have and are happening...... I think I may collapse into bed tonight.

This arrived as well, the fabulous reprint by the Imperial War Museum of the  'Make Do and Mend' book from the Second World War. It a wonderful little hardback book and there is some fabulous tips in it. I think we might have to get more in as a great stocking stuffer.... yes it's all about Xmas around here at the moment.....


  1. triple yay!
    1. you're back - I did miss your musings...
    2. Those bags are so rocking!! I've seen them online and pined for one for yonks... but what colour?? I've out it in the too hard basket for now...
    3. that book is ON my Christmas list... FOR ME!!!

  2. ooh I want to buy that book! could you put one aside for me if you start running low??

  3. oh the Cambridge Satchel Co are my favorite ones!!! good work Pen, i'm so glad they realised you were the right store to represent them!!!

  4. Oh I'm the one who did a completely illegal and dangerous u-turn on gertrude st to get that bag! And I love it! Thank you!!


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