Friday, 30 September 2011

round and round

I see that certain compadres managed to be at the Show on Wednesday too but they got there a bit later than we did and managed to get blown to Kansas in the Big Storm. I was home safe and dry and drinking cups of tea and eating Bertie Beetles in the Cottage with Dell.
I felt quite knackered after all the excitement of Show and Storm and lying in bed yesterday morning listening to the rain neither Jethro or I wanted to get up. After mooching about the house getting bits done I realised that going to the studio was not necessarily going to mean any work getting done and staying at home working on the computer and chasing things up might be a much better way to go. So I did.
It also brought home how disgusting this place is with half done jobs and tools piling up everywhere. Jethro climbed in the sideboard and sat in a toolbox, I am taking this as a silent reproach, so I am off to the studio to avoid it all or rather feel really really bad at how dreadful the studio is.
Everyday this week I have managed to get a job down that has been sitting about taunting me. New keyring purses, gingerbread hearts, crocheting up a mound of felt bead necklace cords, prepping and printed the cards for our Xmas ribbons, turning flowers into brooches, making the 'Wear your Lunch' brooches..... none of which apart from the gingerbread hearts have gone into the shop yet.... but at least things have been done. Yay for me and hence the reason for me looking about at the grot in disgust.
On the Nature-side of Life I have enjoyed popping out to the 'garden' every morning to measure how much the Azores Jasmine has grown since the weekend's feed and tie up. One tendril has grown 10cm in five days, a bit of sun after this rain and the whole backyard should be covered in a month (ha ha ha).

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