Tuesday, 13 September 2011

you can see for miles and miles

I love the road from Bothwell to New Norfolk. As you drive down through valleys and up again, you spy long vistas across rolling hills to jagged wilderness. At Hollow Tree there is a fabulous late Georgian grand house that was in the process of renovation last year (no picture as I annoyed the ute driving behind me by slowing down to gork, so you have the abandoned farmhouse instead).
Studio yesterday, 50 metres of bunting that was all cut out and ready to go thankfully and a start on the new batch of Agricultural Show and Kennel Club Best of Breed prize ribbon cushions. I broke the day up with de-frosting the freezer in the studio fridge (very satisfying, why is that?) and a bit of vacuuming (not quite so satisfying but necessary). Of course the whole 'I've been away, now I am back' came crashing in, I know, it's not like I was away for a month or more and was somewhere exotic but everything is relative, in my case 'where do I start? there is so much to do etc.....'.
Anyway I've answered the morning's emails, had a bucket o' tea and now need to get dressed and off to salt mine again.

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