Saturday, 24 September 2011


This week has conspired to keep me out of the studio for hours on end and as usual the 'to-get-done' list (different from a 'to-do-list' somehow) is getting longer as this year seems to be flying by. I did manage to get the first small batch of springy-summery sundresses done, sleeveless, button through, pleated skirted sprigged cotton voile. I also got my hands on the first of the summer cotton cardigans, we have stretchy light cotton crew neck, long sleeved ones and a slightly heavier v-neck, 3/4 sleeve style. Very cute over dresses but really lovely with a t-shirt and a pair of jeans too.
I felt very flat by the end of yesterday. With all the financial doom and gloom on the news, school holidays (to some people that is also doom-and-gloom!) and just a general post-break slump I am dragging myself about. I'm looking forward to a little sleep-in tomorrow, if Jethro lets me, and hopefully a night free of huge adventure dreams that I have been plagued with over the last week. When I dream I dream in full colour VistaDreamVision™ and the story lines are long and involved. I can wake in the morning feeling like I have indeed climbed a mountain, saved the world and been in a heated clinch with whomever is my latest Crumpet (about time to re-do that list I think.... some people have fallen out of favour....).
I managed to spin four hanks of yarn this week so I think I might have to choose another job for my hands today whilst I am shopgirl. We are low on felt necklaces so I should probably dig out my crochet hook and getting going on making some cords. Tomorrow I might even get the kettle on and steam up some of the stunning new flowers that have arrived from New York, there will be floral hairclips and pins ready soon.
We've also got another order of Cambridge Satchels arriving next week, although I have no idea what we are getting! Any satchel is a good satchel! We still have a few left in store if you are after one, they still haven't cleared their backlog of orders so if you want one you may have to wait or compromise on colour.....
Well it is time to vacuum the Cottage, damn this wind, and getting my 'shop head' on.

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  1. OH I want to see the Crumpet list latest edition please!
    Oh who has dropped off??


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