Sunday, 14 February 2010


This is seriously going to be the silliest post ever, probably even exceedingly embarrassing.

And it's all about the surfeit of thinking woman's crumpet on the box at the moment.

First up there is Mr Tennant finishing his wounded portrayal of the good Doctor (and, yes, there were tears tonight and, yes, there will be tears next Sunday) on ABC. I should also include John Simm here for his tow headed crazy Master.

Then over on SBS we have Matthew Evans bumbling about as the Gourmet Farmer. I have plans to move to Cygnet to help him out as it is completely obvious he needs the help of a crafty handygirl. I think I fell in love with him via his recipes in the Saturday Age and have to admit I went to Cygnet on the Tasmania Op-Shop Tour of 2009 to scope out the lay of the land. Just to add a degree of Kevin Bacon to Mr Evans, our lovely Dell's fiancĂ©, the hugely talented Mr Cruikshank, did the graphic design on his cookbook- not bad huh?!

Now back to ABC for Mr McCloud's Grand Tour. If he is going to continue drinking I am more than willing to drive. Watch him flip out from vertigo was a sight to behold and charmingly natural and vulnerable. In fact, so far, all these blokes are wonderfully vulnerable and we all know how endearing that can be- as long at the last minute they save the day, come through with the goods, feed us and, especially, make us laugh.

And finally the blokes to beat all blokes, that giggling Trio of Lads- Hammond, Clarkson and May. I'm not happy about the defection to the Evil Empire of Channel 9 but an addiction to beautifully filmed cars and landscapes, erudite voice-overs and stupid games is too hard to give up. How I wish SBS had managed to keep hold of them and I know I will want to kill 9 for its overload of ads and they had better not mess with the length of each episode or there will be hell to pay.

So that is my list of current cumpet- hope you have enjoyed snacking!


  1. your blog header is so cute! :)

  2. Wasn't John Simm amazingly evil?
    And David T.... no words except:delectable.
    Love Kev, also May and Hammond, not so much Clarkson.
    Haven't seen Evans on tv at all, thanks for the heads up!

  3. listen Pen, get your mitts off Matthew Evans because quite frankly he's as close to perfect as I can find. totally.

  4. And how loudly did you squeal when Kevin got his kit off and had a swim last week?

  5. now to set things straight I didn't squeal when kevin swam last week - I laughed cos he was all white and pasty and I thought that was perfect.
    I've included Clarkson because even though he is incredibly unPC his writing is incredibly beautiful- ah the English language can be poetry even when describing cars
    and finally HML I will quite happily turn McCloud over to you in favour of Evans
    and Simm and Tennant we will lock in a cupboard for special occasions

  6. I painted a huge work last year called 'Spunks' and David Tennant took centre stage :)

  7. and where are you going to keep May?? Poor James. I'll just have to cuddle him then....

  8. ok miss P happy for you to have both McCloud and Evans if i can have May and Tennant. Will also add George Clarke to the mix for those with pay teevee. Still Tennant is clearly the winner.

  9. i was going to let George out from the wardrobe Pen but i see you hands are just to full. he'll have to stay with me. He can play with May...and Hammond...and Fox..

  10. Hi Pen! I concur with your list of crumpet too. Your crumpet list has no Americans in it -- I find that mine never do! Oh except maybe Mr Clooney. Do you find that too??
    Ha! I'm all rhymes for you.


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