Friday, 5 February 2010

24 hour party people

So my writhing stomach 'kittens' (see yesterday's post) was a simple 24 hour gastro by the looks of it. After a lot of sleep and lolling about the cramps and fever seem to have left the building. Thankfully. So I am up and about and getting ready to head out to do errands and then hit the studio. 
I was having trouble choosing a photo for this blog so opted for the picture above of a very large tapestry I scored a couple of weeks ago. It is about a metre in length. As I said very large. Now on first glance it look like a nice little picket fence weatherboard..... but look closer.....
the perspective is so hilariously skewed that you start to feel like you are in an Escher picture!
It has amused me no end in the studio as I walk passed it. 

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  1. get well soon! cool tapestry, best not to think about that one too much


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