Saturday, 6 February 2010

from here to there

Sometimes in my life I wish I had a map or someone who would quietly take me aside and say 'it's going to be OK'. Perhaps part of my quandary at the moment is that the shop is about to turn two and I need to look at the next stage in its evolution.
For the last few years I have been supplementing my income by teaching and this year I am not sure whether it is going ahead and, on the other hand, whether I should be take it if it is offered. It all comes down to the money/time equation. When I teach I have extra money to plough back into the shop but I lose two days of the week. When I don't teach I often feel the pinch of lack of cash flow but then I am less frustrated by those missing two days. I seem to spend most of my life promising people stock that I often can't get done, coming up with ideas I have to shelve due to lack of time and falling exhausted into bed at the end of the day. 
Round and round the mulberry tree.
I think I know which path I have to take but I am finding quite difficult to step out on it. Hell- by tomorrow I might have changed my mind again. 
As I just said...... round and round the mulberry tree.


  1. dearest P

    you already know the answer :)

    whenever I am in a quandry like this (often!!)... after a few days of thinking I usually realise I knew all along what to do.

    Lotsa love ! xx

    ps) have just been peeking at Dell's blog and Flickr (finally!) and I feel a bit of a girl-crush coming on... :) super-cute and talented to boot! Thankyou for the tip-off!

    Luce xx

  2. Miss P, I know a cheer squad wont pay the bills but if it helps you know you've got one!

  3. follow your heart and you'll have a happy year!


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