Saturday, 13 February 2010

pillow talk

OK let's getting things straight between us, it's not you, it's me, and I know I'm being pedantic, but these are NOT pillows they are cushions, c-u-s-h-i-o-n-s. It's an Americanism to call them pillows and here in Australia I am abiding by British English. Pillows are what you sleep on, cushions are what you lounge on and this is by way of letting you know we have a big new batch of tea towel cushions all ready and in store. Lots of patterned and florally 50s through to the 70s ones and in the next week or so a new batch of Australiana ones. Dell and I took them all down yesterday and re-piled them so you never know what you might have missed in past fossickings that were tucked away right at the back.

It's been a strange ol' week here at the Cottage. A visit from Nikki that involved sitting and knitting and chatting with each of us sitting in front of a swirling fan in the sweltering heat. Finally doing something about my bung back and hip that resulted in excruciating pain and agony and having to retire to bed for an afternoon but then finding by Friday I could actually walk relatively painless for the first time in ages. Ah, chronic pain, how you colour my life. The Endless Garment opening on Thursday. Finding out I won't be teaching this year and being both pissed off and gloriously excitedly happy about that, and, yes, actually finding new ideas popping into my head like bright little flames. Now I just have to keep track of those damned elusive little fireflies of thought. And making phone calls and chasing things and hopefully feeling a bit more positive and excited about things in general (once again thanks chronic pain for making everything that bit harder). In hindsight perhaps this week will be one of those where I get to slough off my snake skin (I'm a Wood Snake and it is Chinese New Year tonight) and come out all fresh and sparkly. Here's hoping.

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  1. Hell yes, they are indeed C-U-S-H-I-O-N-S what heathens think they are pillows?

    Speaking of cushions I scored a brilliant crochet blanket this week which looks genius with my Cottage Industry CUSHION! I will get my camera out later and shoot some pics, which I will think artistic and no doubt will be pants in reality! c'est la vie.

    Glad the back is improving, marvelous news and as for the teaching, stuff it I say, something will come along and in the meantime you can do just what you want! ( I hope that involves baking more ginger fluff?)

    Sarah x

    PS I meant to tell you I love the cat/budgie pics, brilliant x


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