Thursday, 25 February 2010

tea towel love

I've spent this week making stuff out of tea towels and making stuff out of wool.... winter is on it's way. I've set up the 'knitting division' of Pencorp (haha) and have even managed to get the first batch of scarves 4/5s finished (yay for me!), just a bit of handfinishing, blocking and label attaching to go.
We have been churning through cushions over the last few weeks and I needed to get more done this week but managed to run out of zips this afternoon. In the sorting I came across these two tea towels and they are my current favs- Queensland Oil Field (!) and a beautiful apple-y Tasmania (now known as the Matthew Evans memorial tea-towel).

Sometimes tea towels just make me smile.


  1. is there something you need to tell us in relation to Mr. Evans then Pen?? Jethro, has mummy done something bad?

  2. oh, Love the tea towl! I am in the process of making a quilt out of vintage Tasmania teatowls for my grandma and grandad who are themrselves vintage tasmanian... feeling homesick.

  3. that oilfields tea towel is WONDERFUL! what a find.


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