Saturday, 20 February 2010

(craft)busting out!

Here is Dell with her head buried in the first edition of 'Craftbusters!', the latest creation of those hard living ladies over at handmadelife!
Ramona dropped a bundle off to me yesterday, hot off the photocopier, and they will be in the Cottage for sale today at the measly price of $5 a copy. A lovely 'letters to the editor' romp through the world of bad 50s/60s/70s and eighties craft. I am thinking of giving the balaclava pattern a whirl and Dell and I have been eyeing off fig trees from Fitzroy to Preston for the jam recipe (although we aren't sure about the inclusion of sesame seeds).
And if you can't make it to the Cottage to pick up your copy you can also buy it at Sticky or from the ladies online.


  1. save me a copy and i'll bring you a bag full of over-ripe figs.

  2. Ah Miss P, I know the sesame seed thing is contentious and we should have mentioned that it is an optional inclusion only for those with hankerin' for middle eastern savouryesque things...
    Our recomendation for those that like to work both sides of the palette is to keep it simple and leave em out.
    and Anna we're MORE than happy to swap figs for copies anytime you like!


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