Wednesday, 3 February 2010

agatha does a melba

Well TPGi's internet connection was crash-and-burn last night so I am finally catching up on my emails and posts this morning. Annoying and boring.
Yesterday I managed to finish the first new batch of Agatha dresses- due to popular demand Agatha is doing a Nellie Melba and is back for a return season. The Agatha was the drawstring neck and waist cotton voile dress we did last summer and I'm speeding through a couple of new batches while this hot weather is hovering over us. Even though they are saying that the February forecast is looking mild I'll bet you it will still be summer frock weather right up until April and autumn hits. So there is a black and white version ready now and hopefully a few blue ones tomorrow. I'll keep you posted.


  1. hey pen do you think that i can almost fit into a 4 yet?

  2. You are in your terrible twos! Congrats! loving the black and white fabric too, hope all the irons in proverbial fires come good! can't wait to find out about the secret squirrel, shhhh....

    Sarah x


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