Sunday, 28 February 2010

the dyeing days of summer

On the final day of summer I've started the annual glove dyeing. This goes on for months through out autumn and winter. My kitchen becomes overrun with gloves and fluff and little bits of yarn. Jethro likes to 'help' by lying in the middle of the floor- great for OHandS when one is lugging big pots of boiling water around. My hands become stained with layers of colour and crinkly with all the washing and soaking. I can't believe its another year on, another pile of gloves, another 100kg of yarn. 
The new scarves are looking mighty fine all piled in their box on the table and this is only the first batch, in the first four colours. It is really quite amazing what can be achieved with an extra couple of days in the studio (hope I haven't just jinxed myself there) or rather extra days to run errands so that studio days don't get chewed up by chores. Now I need to turn those days into money, yes money, the evil thing that greases the wheels and pays the bills. 


  1. This photo just sent me back many years to my grandmothers house where she used beets and onion peels to dye fabric.
    I love the tin backdrop- is that what that is called?

  2. Looks and sounds very industrious!

  3. Ah Pen, Summer really has drawn to a close hasn't it? I think the ladies of HML are bath due to get new pairs of gloves (Hope commandeers my two pairs - one chocolate and the other lavender) I think this year I'll get some of those lovely ruby pink ones!

  4. Your Jethro reminds me of our Cheshire. He likes to flop in THE most inconvenient spot possible, usually behind me and then gets upset if I stand on him or yell at him...
    Must drop in to your shop now we are back in Melbourne :-)


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