Thursday, 18 February 2010

completely bunted

OK, this is not OK.
I got home tonight after a hard day at the studio, working, working, working, to discover I have a rash spreading across my chest. Like I haven't dealt with a bout of gastro and my back and hip flaring up over the last two weeks to suddenly come down with some other 'thing'. Has my body decided to purge itself clean? How bizarre. How annoying. I know, too much information about my boring health. So I'm thinking an early night with some painkillers for the headache and a prayer that when I wake up in the morning the rosy rash has gone and I can spend the day productively and constructively toiling at the textile coal face.
Fingers crossed.


  1. Pen, yuck. How annoying and boring for you. Get well soon.

  2. I recommend a little 'pain relief' and good lie on the couch watching silent witness tonight (harry will do as a toffy telly tennant replacement for now)
    feel better soon pen xxx

  3. Crikey - fancy that! what coincidences - bunting and sickness - ditto ditto on my new blog today. Ha! Hope you feel better really quickly. Yikes. Silent witness? You're really so very British. Enjoy your pain relief - at least you'll have a good excuse for dribbling over those reserved posh totty chaps. xxx


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