Monday, 15 February 2010

division of the spoils

I managed to leave the camera at the studio this evening so you are just going to have to put up with a Jethro shot. 
It's been a funny old day with a pile of errands to run, a job offer (turned down), prep for quilts started and thinking, thinking, thinking.
I've mainly been trying to work out how to divvy up the crumpet.
I've decided I'll move to Cygnet with Evans but I'm taking May with me as I know he would like to try out a bit of his Finnish rally driving on the Tasmanian roads and I'm sure he and the farmer would get on. They both like to cook and have a drink and I'll need May to drive me from op-shop to op-shop and, luckily with his bad sense of direction, I am also good with a map.
Now I'm leaving McCloud in his natural habitat of Europe so he can be there when we all go over on a 'cultural' tour. His language skills will be in hot demand I am sure. Importantly we need to see if we can hook him up with Clooney and then we will have a lovely house to stay at on Lake Como.
Hamster will of course go to Birdie as I won't hear the last of it if she has to share him.
Clarkson can stay in front of his computer and send through poetic car stories each week as he is probably better at a distance.
And that leaves Tennant and Simm and that's where things get a little fuzzy.......... they definitely need to be kept for a special occasion...........

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