Thursday, 8 September 2011

windmills of my mind

It's not much fun to come back to a spinning head but the craziness of the last few days has left me with migraines and a jumpiness that has nullified what was meant to be an R-and-R break. Oh well, think how bad I would be now if I hadn't had some time away!

This is Callington Mill at Oatlands, all restored and spinning in the wind. They've done a wonderful job on it and there is even a lovely parterre garden that has been planted at its foot. Normally when I get to Oatlands it's all horizontal rain and slate grey skies, this time was wind but blue sky from horizon to horizon. I got to do the tour of the Mill but also got to hang out with Ben Paulsen the Miller. We talked flour and art and machinery as a living being, I had a ball! Less than a week ago and I feel my time stream slipping away.....
I think that I could quite happily live under the sales of a windmill, how lovely it would be to watch them spin from your kitchen window as you did the dishes.

It's been crazy here with all the satchel madness going on. We only have a few bright coloured ones left at the moment but there are still some 'Melbourne' black and retro brown ones left. People seem to quiver and get all befuddled when they see them, it's quite amazing. We do have more on the way. Soon. Fingers crossed.

In non-satchel shop news I've put out a new batch of super cute children's 'Frida' dresses so if you have a little one that you want one of these Mexican hand embroidered dresses for then there is something other than satchels to get you into the shop!

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  1. Isn't that the mill that was just on Gourmet Farmer? And you got to hang out with that dude!


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