Thursday, 29 September 2011

red leather yellow leather

Whilst I was off at the Royal Show yesterday the new batch of satchels arrived. We have them in red, we have them in yellow (and some green, black, navy, brown). Sadly no fluoro this time but the yellow and red are both really lovely shades, strangely they match my Bertie Beetle showbag booty. Wish I'd bought more showbags.... sigh.... an adult with a showbag is a crazy critter.


  1. We're going tomorrow - excited!
    I love the BB showbag.

  2. Pen we were also at the show yesterday, craaaazy times! Hazie refused to sleep, we lost Leo and then got stuck in the storm and ended up being a posse of rain poncho wearers. Phew, I am still knackered! Paula never did get her Bertie Beetle showbag, she will be trés envious of yours :)
    Lovely satchels, am considering a navy one......


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