Wednesday, 7 September 2011

visiting old friends

I had to visit the little park in Hobart, it's tradition now. Princes Park on Battery Point is a lovely park, it has a view, rolling green grass, lovely trees and well behaved teenagers seem to like hanging there.
It's always exciting when I arrive to find my bit of doily-ism is still gracing the magnolias. This one above is still there from 2009, it's directly across the path from the gardeners' tea hut which amuses me no end. A bit of stitching has come loose at the bottom but I decided not to repair it.

This one is last year's (2010) as you walk in the entrance gate on McGregor St/Battery Square.

And this is this year's one. Should I tell you where it is? No, I'm sure you can find it.

There is one long trunk and a few smaller patches.

I stood in amongst a patch of violets to sewing the doilies on and the smell was beautiful.

There it is on the left. Those three teenagers never queried what I was up to and pretty much ignored me, I tried to work out whether it was through politeness or complete disinterest and self absorption. I was amused.

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  1. oh lovely Yarn Bombing there. I love that you used doilies. I found a pole in Katoomba NSW covered in a load of Plastic doilies last month!!


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