Saturday, 1 October 2011

birds of a feather (and a sheep and a couple of cows)

Just a few gratuitous animal shots from the Show on Wednesday. I wish that you are allowed to go into the stables but they have banned people from mingling with the horses. Nothing like a calm plodding Clydesdale to make you feel tiny or a fully turned out dressage horse to make you feel inelegant and ungainly.

Nothing like having a friend to lean on.
(OK that was a bit corny.)

You can't beat a duck wearing a pillbox hat.

And a good classic chook.

Well it's the big ol' Grand Final Day here today, which can mean you could fire a cannon down the street and not hit a soul or perhaps a few football widows out shopping. I've waxed lyrical in the past about the kick-to-kick out in the road at half time, people spilling out from pubs to run around like a bunch of kids at playtime. Of course if you are in a shopping mood it is actually a great day to go for a stroll, if you plan you travel well there won't be any traffic hassles. there's rain splatting on the window so it looks like it will be an old-skool Grand Final, I used to marvel at the players rolling in the mud, it's not like that anymore sadly (and don't get me started on those stupid uniforms they wear these days....).
I've been working on the beautiful vintage-y flowers and have finally got some more ready to go into the Cottage.  I do love the magic of steaming a fake flower and watching it unfurl. There are also, due to popular demand, new big balls of hemp twine in and I made a big batch of 'hot water bottle' wheat bags (must tell you the story about cleaning up in the studio yesterday). Since we packed away the beanies and scarves two weeks ago we have sold quite a ridiculous number of them. The new shelves means we can access them at a drop of a hat (boom boom), so if your head is cold or you are heading to the northern winter then just ask and we will get them out for you to peruse.
Almost time for me to do the vacuuming and chase Jethro around the shop.

Oh! And we still have some satchels left but you better be quick!

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