Wednesday, 26 October 2011

the view from under the blanket

Sorry for being AWOL.
No particular reason, just an overwhelming sense of 'arrrggghhh' and a desire to hide under the blanket.
With so much to do I have been finding that settling to one thing is little hard. I need to go and do the city supply run but as the Queen is doing the rounds it might all be a little hard..... and I seem to have lost my morning.
I seem to get all a bit mashed up when the satchels arrive in store, the over-excited enthusiasm wafting from satchel devotees makes me a little crazed and jumpy. And the imminent arrival of Xmas is clouding my horizon.
So far this week the highlight has been our new lamp cords (photo soon), same-same-but-different from our old lamp cords, made from fabulous retro-sque tri-twist silky bound flex in black, brown, old gold or silvery silk with brass lamp holder, they look wonderful (if I say so myself).
Anyway I better go do something. I'll report back on that later.


  1. You mean her Maj didn't call in for a satchel for kate and a Welsh tapestry cushion for Wills? - But I expressly told her that's what they wanted for homecoming presents. I think it's Phil, he can be very bah humbug you know!

    Sarah x

  2. cheer up chicken! thursday tomorrow!
    mwah mwah xx


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