Thursday, 27 October 2011

cord you royal

I was down one end of the city whilst Her Maj was down the other, I heard the squealing but that was it. Mind you many years ago I attended the Australian Ballet with QEII so I view that as my life's allowance of royalty proximity. Having a Royal Family and being part of the pink bits on the map (aka the Commonwealth) amuses me no end, CHOGM always seems a bit like the nerds taking over the school.
This morning's quick snap of the new lamp cards in all their twisty silky goodness. So pretty.
I picked up most of what I needed yesterday but I am sure I have missed some things, yesterday was a bit of a mind muddle day and I was a bit all over the place. It's the juggling and waiting at this time of the year, money in/money out, Xmas lead up..... I'll be over it soon but at the moment it's a shocking feeling of hovering and not stretching quite far enough.
I'm planning a  day in the studio. I must remember the woollen blankets on the line and the pile of stuff I have accumulated on the floor in the shop. If I pile things in a walkway then the plan is that I will trip over them and remember to take them. Sadly the version of this in the bedroom (trip over them, pack them away) doesn't seem to work and I have the ability to be able to blindly stumblingly avoid these piles dotted throughout the house even in the dead of night. After a while I just don't see them any more.
As you know the studio is pretty much the same.

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