Friday, 28 October 2011

she sees rainbows everywhere

A box of Marnie's Miss Mousies arrived yesterday. As I unpacked them this is what Dell saw- a rainbow of mice. (Marnie did you realise that you made a mouse rainbow?) She just couldn't help herself, the Queen of Rainbows, Miss Colour Spectrum. When we popped them in the basket on the table I was chided for getting it all wrong, mixing them up, much laughter ensued. Sometimes I get back to the shop to find all the ladybirds have been lined up in colours from red, to orange, to yellow, to light green, to dark green. Once I found a jar of glass buttons layered into colours like sand-in-a-bottle 'art'.
Stuff got done in the studio yesterday, zip purses made, new hot water bottle covers stitched up (I know you are thinking 'but summer is on the way' but we seem to sell htbs and wheatbags all year round), I cut felt oven mitts out and started work on some new garments. Time to get going I suppose.
Don't forget shopwise we've still got some satchels left and the sandals have been walking out the door this week. Oh and we have a whole basket of mice waiting for adoption.


  1. It would be a shame to split up the rainbow, I hope someone wants a whole basket of mice!


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