Friday, 7 October 2011

introducing mr finn, product tester for hire

This weeks big project was making 3 tapestry pouffés. A pretty exhausting effort really. I had to break the tapestries out of their frames, piece them together, back them, sew them together..... you know the deal. They are pretty stunning if I say so myself.
We decided to get in an external product tester- Mr Finn of Maxwell, Finn and Associates. On arrival Jethro quite happily handed over the job and gave Mr Finn a whiskery kiss which made Mr Finn giggle (cute rating 11). As you can see Mr Finn is giving the pouffés an A1 rating. Later Jethro decided he needed to give them a going over from the inside. The sleep test came through with flying colours.

I'll try to stop posting photos of Jethro for the next week, sorry to all those non-feline friendly people.
It's just he's so damn photogenic. As is Finn, if you need to find out his rates please go over to HML and talk to his agent Beck.


  1. oh SNAP!
    Got 'em.
    Will email pics later ...

  2. Hilarious
    FYI mr Finn now won't get out of bed for anything less than tapestry.


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