Saturday, 15 October 2011

my car pet

Last week I went out to the back and found a cocoon on the ground next to the car. Being a wunderkammer type of person I picked it up and popped it on the dashboard with the intent to take it inside but being a lazy soul I left it there with a piece of wave polished glass I found in Tasmania. Next day when I got in the car I noticed it wasn't on the dash and found it rolling around the floor, I thought it must have blown off when I opened the door and thought nothing of it when I popped it to the dash again. The same thing happened again and I kind of forgot about the cocoon (out of sight etc) until I went to put something in the boot of the car and there was the cocoon attached to the side of the hatch- it was alive! So far it has migrated from the passenger side front to passenger side back and it is now swinging above the speaker on the driver's side back. When I look in the revision mirror I can see it swing with the movement of the car.
Just as it has become attached to my car I have grown quite attached to it.
I need to find somewhere safe to move it to, probably somewhere with some straw mulch by the look of it's lovely camouflage.

In shop news (and I am only doing this because I got messages saying people didn't mind) I spent last night pricing all our lovely new stock from Zara, she has excelled herself this time! I think we could kit out a whole army of Fridas, we have cream, black, red and navy dresses in all sizes (some colours are very limited 'so first in blah blah...'), blouses in black and cream and also the mini-me dresses for the little Fridas in your life. The Sophie range is in too with lovely white cotton voile long top/dress and a shorter shirt version (does that make sense?) and we have some of the Agua dresses with embroidery in new colours. I still have the very last of it to tag this morning.
Oh! And we have some new vintage-y viscose short sleeve striped knit tops in too! They are classic Slade knits and are totally 'resort wear' (never thought you'd hear that coming from my lips did you?!) in that you just wash them and never iron them, pack them in a bag, pull them out, let them hang for half an hour and ta-da! ready to wear. I'm thinking capri pants or cuffed jeans  and flat shoes for a totally so Frenchy so chic look, a little kerchief tied at the neck and strangers will call you 'Audrey'.
Well I better be off, vacuuming and floor mopping to do. Need to decide on a shop-day bit of craft to do today, I always end up running about in a panic at 3 minutes to 11 trying to get everything together.
I'll be the one in the shop today wearing a crazy bright embroidered floral number from Tehuacán, you won't be able to miss me.


  1. sounds a tiny bit Doctor Who to me... the cocoon not the Fridas, although Amy would pull off the stripey "Audrey" look with some aplomb me thinks.
    Have a brilliant weekend,

    Sarah x

  2. Cool, I wonder what it will metamorphose into?


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