Saturday, 29 October 2011

from the cottage library

After a bit of a flat week that morphed into the flat grumpies I got home yesterday to find the book delivery had arrived. Joy oh joy! We've been waiting weeks for this order and it was worth it!
First out of the boxes was our old favourite the Tasmania CWA 21st Anniversary cookbook, we sold out of these a couple of weeks back and it's nice to have it in store once again. One of the boxes weighed a ton for its size and when open it contained only 4 copies of.... 'CWA Classics', a 2 1/2" (sounds better in Imperial) treasury of classic CWA recipes, almost all with photographs, and it's fabulous! It's like Stephanie Alexander if she could actually cook good plain food, tea cakes, jelly crystal biscuit, muttonbird stew, it's all here! I think I might have to order in a whole mountain of these for Xmas.

In the box with the Tasmania CWA was 'Housewife Superstar. The very best of Marjorie Bligh.' Here's Dell checking out the picture of Marjorie's tablecover knitted from strips of used pantyhose, she's also wearing a hat and vest made out of them as well. To quote from the back of the book 'Marjorie Bligh: domestic goddess, pioneer recycler, author. Queen of the household scene, near unbeatable in the agricultural show, and 'no slouch in the matrimonial department'. The inspiration, it is widely rumoured, for Dame Edna Everage. Jam packed with Marjorie's hints and recipes, wisdom and verse, Housewife Superstar is the story of an incredible life.' Might have to order more of these too!

I really wanted to get the new patchwork quilt jackets in store today too but sadly they aren't dry from their wash last night and I am missing a couple of giant press studs to finish the rest off. So here is a picture of Dell trying one on yesterday. If you look closely you might be able to see that she is actually wearing a pair of matching patchwork shorts. She snaffled some of the patchwork from the studio the other day and made herself some short shorts. She's now contemplating a patchwork onesie.....


  1. I think I am in love with Marjorie Bligh!

    Sarah X

  2. def. will be coming in to buy a copy of that Marj Bligh book. A visitor at my place today (a grown-up man) loved playing with the slate and slate pencil I bought from you! x


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