Monday, 31 October 2011


I seem to be dealing with an emotional/creative furball at the moment. I'm feeling antsy and angsty and annoyed and I just wish I could cough it up and get on with things. Jethro managed to spit his real one out the other evening and I just wish I could do the same with my virtual one. I know it's just the time of the year, the pre-pre-Xmas trough of despair when money is leaking out and not enough coming in, when the thought of the sheer amount of work to be done seems insurmountable and overwhelming, when I feel like there is no room to move. It's all very very boring and frustrating and sometimes I just want to go 'arrrggghhh!'.
Perhaps it's the effect of Hallowe'en.
Sometimes I think a new batch of storage boxes might help. I can stuff everything in and stack it all neatly in the corner. And don't go thinking I'm talking about some emotional baggage I'm looking at packing away and avoiding- it's all the piles of work crap that I need to sort and shove away! Home is looking like a bomb has gone off in a craft/art supply/hardware/haberdashery store/op shop. And weirdly all the pictures on the walls are crooked, I blame the trams (unless there has been an earth tremor I slept through). Perhaps they are all straight I am off kilter, hmmmm, I might have to investigate that angle.

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  1. you are not alone in the fur ball stakes. I found myself in Office works on Saturday buying storage solutions for the piles of craft crapola. The 4 plastic tubs helped a little. just need to buy 20 more now...


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