Wednesday, 2 November 2011

tuesday, tea cake and a tidy up

I chose to stay home yesterday. I needed to find the time to sort out the piles of crap in the big room. It's been getting me down and might be the cause/effect of my malaise. There is still stuff everywhere but there is more of the floorboards showing, the rubbish has been dragged out (it's Garbage Eve last night) and there is now stuff stowed in boxes (out of sight issue there, let's see if I ever open them again...). Jethro is obsessed with the Kassett boxes I bought from Ikea and sits in them looking out through the handle slot like a feline Ned Kelly.
For a treat I baked the tea cake from the new CWA Classics cookbook. Let's say there is not much left and it came out of the oven looking exactly like the one in the picture. Embarrassingly I disagree with the 'serves 8' bit. If I owned a tea shop I would have 'freshly baked tea cake- whole cake to share' on the menu, can you imagine a lovely little steaming cake arriving at the table to be sliced up and devoured? On the subject of tea shops check out Jan Brocket's writings, always makes me hungry for cake.
I am off to the studio today. There are lots of things happening in the month of November and I really really need to pull my finger out and get some work done. I also need to choose a date for the Xmas invasion of the Cottage to begin. At the moment it is all packed in boxes and I haven't really seen any of it out. It's all a bit nerve wracking.


  1. Good morning young lady.
    I think you should turn the cottage into a high tea room once a month and charge big bucks for tea, warm cake and Jethro patting. You could do a "Christmas shopping" invitation only thing in early December. Shopping buses!

  2. Yum... And please a tea cottage with hot cake...soon xxx


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