Saturday, 12 November 2011

the good, the bad and the ridiculous

The denim quilts are underway although I need to get another days work in on them and the quilter needs them delivered first thing monday. Aren't gonna happen between now and then.... It was really calming working on them, I go through a love/hate relationship with work like this. I hang the panels up as I finish them, one minute I am passionately in love with them, immersed in their beauty, the next I hate them and can't work out why our relationship has soured. Their absence at the quilter's is always a good thing! I am surprised and overjoyed when they return.
Then I got home yesterday and got in a huge verbal fight with a guy from Preston and three teenagers who were parked illegally in our private parking. I came back to the shop red faced and shaky after everyone of the teenagers screamed abuse at me. By the time I got to the Fitzroy Primary School fundraiser I had the start of a killer headache which got worse with the sound levels crashing into my head. The night also made me realise why I try to avoid social occasions where everyone is standing. I am 6'1" and find that if there is any noise I simply can't hear what everyone is saying, their mouths are a good 5" below my ears and it is not good for my posture to be hunched over trying to get to everyone else's level. I felt pretty shattered by the time I got home but it was a lovely evening even if I was a bear with a very sore head. One of the silent auction prizes that really amused us was an hour appointment for family law advice and a bottle of Jack Daniels. I didn't win anything but I know a small boy who is going to be getting a bike with racing flames painted on it in the near future and a family that will all be getting haircuts.
This week has thrown up some fairly daunting crap but I think everything has been sorted now, I'm hoping next week will be far less messy and much easier to get through. In fact what the hell happened to this week, it seemed to whizz passed in a blur of angst and annoyance and arggghhh. I am still trying to work out our Xmas display and every idea has somehow fallen to ashes. Yesterday's brainwave doesn't look quite so clever in reality so if anyone needs a couple of 5mt square fruit tree nets let me know (although I may get the ladder out tonight and see if the idea has wings and might fly).
I might spin some yarn in the shop today.

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  1. Go with the bird netting - for anyone who has a garden it will mean Christmas time! (for me it is also the smell of apricots cooking for Mum to bottle in Agee jars...). And easy to hang stuff from. And if you really want to get rid of them my #2 and his love just bought a house out of Baranduda that came with 35 fruit trees! Don't stress about idiots. Just ring the council and dob them...


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