Tuesday, 15 November 2011

and today's word is 'axolotl'

I have no idea why today's word is 'axolotl', it just popped into my head in the shower and now it is in your head. You'll be thinking that word all day now. I like to share you know.
After last week's run of NQW/NQR things happening (nothing quite wrong, nothing quite right) I am trying to stay positive this week. All the fabric is at the quilter's, even though it nearly killed me, it should be ready (fingers crossed) tomorrow and the cushion inserts arrive tomorrow too. Today's delivery is more satchels and hopefully the new batch of slate boards will arrive sometime this week, USPS website tell me they have been cleared in Australia and on their way but Auspost says they know nothing about it (the joys of interweb tracking).

I felt like a truck had run over me yesterday, stiff and sore, and I find doing things like lugging around 20 metres of heavy patchwork on a Monday morning is not the best workout. I'm more limber for this sort of thing later in the week it appears.  After the quilter's I got back to the studio and had to find a job to put me in a better frame of mind so I pulled out some fabrics and started work on some new vintage fabric cushions. I'm loving these Sanderson fabrics, they are both a bit pastoral, a bit woodland glade. The one on the right is a 1930s narrow width fine weight linen and I can just picture the bedroom or morning room it would have gone in, it's very pretty without being sugar coated and it reminds me of Madame l'Uccello. I made up a few cushions before realising I didn't have the right inserts. As Dell said I will feel especially productive on Wednesday when I get to stuff all the cushion covers that are ready!
Suppose I better head off to the studio.
Remember today's word is.....

(axolotl, axolotl, thanxolotl, axolotl........)

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  1. that bleeping word will be in my head all day now!


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