Saturday, 5 November 2011

the owl and the (reluctant) pussycat

This handsome devil arrived yesterday. A barn owl. I could stare for hours at his beautiful plummage. He is so incredibly soft and he's back camouflage is amazing, like bark on a tree. I've made him a special pile of logs to stand on from driftwood I collected in Tasmania and I think he may have to go in a lovely glass dome. He is such a lovely Owl Rex (if you haven't read/heard of/seen anything about the 'Wildwood Chronicles' then have a look, it's a book, it's beautiful and fabulous and it's by Colin Meloy and Carson Ellis).
Normally Jethro is obsessed when a new batch of birds arrives but there is something a bit special about this beauty that has him a little flustered. Perhaps it is the thought of a pea green boat and a runcible spoon.
Playing coy maybe.
(I wasn't quick enough to get a photo when Jethro jumped on the table and looped circles around owl in a kind of hyper dreamy way.)

So it's forecast to be 30ÂșC today. This means sandals ✓, Frida blouse ✓, painted toenails ✓ (mind you please don't look to closely at my feet, they are in desperate need to a bit of TLC). I suppose it is about time I got the woollies popped away and started getting out the stash of pretty things.
We've finally bagged up all the Douglas sandals (they don't come in their little calico bags, I make them) and they are sitting in a large tin box in the hallway that we have all managed to cork our shins on on the way to the kitchen. I've finally finished the quilted patchwork jackets and they are going in store today.
Well I better skedaddle I have a pile of things to do before I open the doors, although I have managed to get the vacuuming done already, I just hope Jethro hasn't moulted everywhere.

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  1. My library has WC on order so I've resie'd it - looks gorgeous.
    It's like Jethro has respect for something nearly his own size.


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