Saturday, 19 November 2011

cushions, quilts, cups and slates

Tripped out in the pouring rain to get the papers and bread this morning. The new improved (??) tropical Melbourne..... I must remember to buy a new fan for the bedroom, it's times like these I am tempted by the thought of living with an air conditioner.
I managed to get the stock off for the Open House yesterday and kind of fell in a heap after. I have a big week next week so thought 'bugger it, I'm going to take it slow' which was a good thing with outside feeling like you were stepping in front of a blow drier. Then the rain came and I realised I had to race into the city to the Telstra shop as my new phone had arrived and none of the PUK numbers they gave me would unlock it. If I drank beer (or any alcohol) it would have been a perfect evening for a few.
I've got to vacuum the shop today and I have some new stock to display (which always means a big shuffling of stuff around). We got a new delivery of Hookturn cups this week and we've also now got the Bubbacino cups, we are always amazed how kids are totally fascinated with the cups, it must be the slightly squidgy feel of them and now they can have their own cup. Mind you they are also great for adults who'd like a takeaway espresso and I am attracted to the idea of using them as a dessert cup, actually they might make a fabulous 'penny lick' cup for ice cream!

The cushion inserts arrived so there was much stuffing going on, we've got new Welsh blanket cushions, some new vintage cotton/linen cushions, more tea towel cushions and I've finally finished the First World War recruitment bunting cushions. These will be the last of them, unless you would like a Belgium flag one.
I didn't get to photograph the new glass cloth quilts the other day and then I wanted to wash them and dry them and turn them over. They are done now and I'll be folding them up and stacking them in the shop. That's a picture of them in one of the big plastic bags I seem to lug everything around in. They are really rather lovely.

And finally the slates have arrived! Made in Portugal they come in two sizes, 19x24cm and 21x29cm.They are slightly different to the first batch but we like them a hell of a lot, we are very into same, same but different around here. When you buy one you'll get one of the Victorian slate pencils to use with it, until they run out that is, but you can always use old skool school chalk on them as well.
New batch of Op Shop Guides in to!
Note to self- need to order more CWA Classics, we've only got one left.
Don't forget Cottage Industry will be at Markit at Fed Square next Sunday the 27th of November! If you are coming and you want me to bring particular stock them please email me this week as I will be slowly packing the stock boxes.
Time to vacuum.


  1. Pen - am coming to Fed Square next Sunday with a friend - can you bring a copy of the Marj Bligh book for me to buy?

  2. vacuum away lady! I do like a shuffle round but only when in the mood and if not in the mood then much huffing and puffing and general grumpiness ensues! Usually get there in the end mind you! Good luck at the Fed Square jamboree - should be packed right?

    Sarah x


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