Thursday, 24 November 2011

it's looking a lot like tinsel time

It's been one of those weeks. There has already been a few emotional tears shed this morning and a pot of moderately expensive moisturiser splattered all over the floor (tears were not over spilt face cream I should clarify). On the up side I now have fabulously moderately expensive moisturised feet and arms.
I'm off to Bunnings for plastic storage boxes this morning, I seem to buy these damn things regularly and just can't work out where they all disappear to, Spotlight for some glue, just in case I think I have some and then discover tonight there is none of the right sort in the house and Officeworks to check out collapsible document box trolleys, I am so over lugging stuff about. Since finally getting the key to the lift at the studio I don't seem to be doing my back so much hiking piles of stuff up the stairs, amazing the revelation that the equation 'bad back+stairs+huge piles of stuff=excruciating pain' can be changed to 'bad back+lift+huge pile of stuff=much easier to deal with pain'.
Opened the back door last night and gave myself a fright, I'd forgotten I had hung this tinsel spider out the back.
Well I better get my newly moisturised feet moving and a get a head start on the day. Jethro is still in bed.

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  1. crying tired as my mother would have said, dear Pen. Make sure you get a quiet sit in the sun for a little bit today xx


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