Wednesday, 16 November 2011

lots done, lots to do

I've just got the call to say the quilting is ready to be picked up and the email to let me know the cushions are on their way and I've just realised the studio is going to be mucho squashy for the next few day! That's a lot of stuff I need to find room for. I took home a big batch of hearts ready to be eyeletted and filled but only got to the punching holes for the eyelets stage but I did seem to have a very busy night last night, doing what I have no idea.
Telstra did ring to update my mobile plan (which is rather weird as I only said that afternoon that I needed to get a iPhone..... bugged in more ways than one I think) but to tell the truth I was a little more fascinated with the the Secret Life of Cows documentary that was on ABC1. It dawned on me at 11pm that I had signed up for a iPhone 4 for not an iPhone 4s and then it dawned on me that I didn't actually care, I got this phone for no upfront and a reduced plan. If it does calls and texts and emails I'm pretty happy really. I have an iPod full of music, a great camera that takes excellent photos, a computer it took me months to get out of the box and I don't need to leave myself voice messages. In my own way perhaps I am a bit old fashioned with my technology, I really don't need anything else to screw with the limited RAM in my jelly brain.

On a colourful note a new Cambridge Satchel order has landed and we have the cutest 11" fluoro ones in.  I think there will be a few people banging on the door this morning. I've noticed that there have been copies of the CamSats starting to appear around town- beware! The really amazing thing about the originals is the quality of the leather, check to see that the colour is consistent all the way through the leather (except with the fluoros as these have been pigment coloured in a different manner) and matches the outer colour, check the inside and feel how smooth the leather has been finished.  The other day we got  to have a look at a satchel that has been used for the last year and it was beautiful, even better than when new with the sides starting to round out, so nice!

I better skedaddle. I need to find a pair of socks.

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